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Souten no Tobira


Souten no Tobira
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperMarine Heart
PublishersMarine Heart


It's a world where science is worshiped. The privileged class concentrates all the money and power. With the genetic manipulation a creation of human beings has become possible. But these people are denied humanity and treated as toys to satisfy needs of the aristocrats.
Main character is one such person who is created by a mad scientist and sold to a rich buyer. Is he doomed with this sad fate or can break free and find his Heavens?

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Japanese (2)
2005-03-0418+Souten no Tobira
2005-03-0418+Souten no Tobira - Special Edition


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AmaneMain character
Ayato MatsuiMain character
Sakae MogiMain character
Matsuki KurodaMain character
Ritsu KadowakiMain character

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