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Kago no Naka no Serenade


TitleKago no Naka no Serenade
Original title籠ノ中の愛想曲
Aliases籠ノ中のセレナーデ, Kago no Naka no Aisoukyoku
DeveloperMarine Heart
PublishersMarine Heart


Orphan Shion was picked up by a powerful company owner, Aihara Mutsuki, and put in a butler school for years. Upon graduation, Shion is brought to the main house and there, he met with Mutsuki's 5 sons. They were born from different mothers and are different in looks, age and personality. But all of them have become enchanted by Shion's beauty. Mutsuki asks Shion to choose one of them as his master....

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2005-01-2118+Kago no Naka no Serenade
2005-01-2118+Kago no Naka no Serenade - Special Edition


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Main characterAihara Eishi
Main characterAihara Ilya
Main characterAihara Keishi
Main characterAihara Noah
Main characterAihara Reiji
Main characterSegawa Itsuki

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Kago no Naka no Serenade

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