Hissatsu Chikannin


TitleHissatsu Chikannin
Original title必殺痴漢人
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Anim
Shares characters
Haikyou Gakuen ~Ayatsurareta Shinkou~
Hissatsu Chikannin II
Related anime[DB-ANN] Hissatsu Chikan Nin (2008)


One day, when Koichi was on a crowded train, a girl in front of him suddenly cried out, "He's a train molester!" "What!? No, I didn't do that!" He was mistakenly arrested for train molestation. Two years later, Koichi is now on a train to take revenge on that girl, "I'll do it...."

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Main characters

Side characters

Hasebe Hiroshi
Hasebe Hiroshi長谷部 弘志 
MeasurementsHeight: 169cm, Weight: 78kg
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Green
Clothes, Necktie, Shirt, Suspenders, Tie Pin, Trousers