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Aliasesクオリア/デルタ, Qualia/Delta
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown


A triangular relationship, samsara, and gods...

Since the dawn of humanity on Earth, countless cultures have risen in different places, prospered, and fallen, over and over again. Ultimately, after satisfying both material and psychological needs in abundance, people have turned to pursuing major social change.

This story takes place in a small country in the northern region. Throughout the year, the temperature is cold, the weather is clear, and at night, the entire sky is filled with stars -- thus, the land is known as "Seijou", the castle of stars.

A religion known as Asterism is established in Seijou. Its chief doctrine is the circle of transmigration: that people still bear the sin of disobeying the gods in the distant past, and are destined to commit the same mistakes anew in their current lives.

Sumire and Shion were homeless children, living on the streets after escaping from kidnappers. By chance, they encountered a boy named Subaru. He was the leader of Asterism, revered by its followers as a god.

Subaru extended his hands to the two of them. "It was fate that we met here. Will you come with me?"

(Translated from Cool-B magazine volume 103)


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Character summary

Voiced by Yuuki Aoi
ShionMain character
Voiced by Muro Genki
Subaru AsterMain character
Shichiseki AsterSide character
Voiced by Tachibana Rika
Shinju AsterSide character
Voiced by Nabatame Hitomi
UtsugiSide character
Voiced by Koyama Tsuyoshi
YagurumaSide character
Voiced by Kimura Ryouhei

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