Koishigure ~Happyakuya Chou Yume Monogatari~


Koishigure ~Happyakuya Chou Yume Monogatari~
TitleKoishigure ~Happyakuya Chou Yume Monogatari~
Original title恋時雨~八百八町夢物語~
Aliases恋時雨 八百屋町恋物語, Koishigure ~Chou Yume Monogatari~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperMarine Heart
PublishersMarine Heart


Kazuya, a highschooler in the drama club, dreams of being a famous actor in a TV drama someday. One day, when he was searching through the supplies room, he hears someone calling for him and sees a bright sword. He touches it and suddenly finds himself transported to ancient Edo timeline. Soon, he is saved by a beautiful samurai named Iori. Why was Kazuya brought here and what role does he have to play in this ancient drama?

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2001-11-0918+Koishigure ~Happyakuya Chou Yume Monogatari~


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ProtagonistMurohime Kazuya
Main characterKanzaki Ryuuji
Main characterSaiga
Main characterTakatsu Iori

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Koishigure ~Happyakuya Chou Yume Monogatari~

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