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v35.432019-04-14 at 11:22printerdesuWind -A Breath of Heart-image
v35.422017-11-28 at 05:39jazz957Wind -A Breath of Heart-link link
v35.412017-05-30 at 16:29emotionalWind -A Breath of Heart-Fix.
v35.402017-05-30 at 16:28emotionalWind -A Breath of Heart-+1.
v35.392017-05-04 at 13:25nekonekogirlWind -A Breath of Heart-staff
v35.382017-01-23 at 17:52nekonekogirlWind -A Breath of Heart-staff
v35.372017-01-14 at 12:36varioWind -A Breath of Heart-staff
v35.362016-05-21 at 23:49varioWind -A Breath of Heart-+1
v35.352016-05-19 at 21:38wakaranaiWind -A Breath of Heart-minor staff
v35.342016-05-19 at 20:27varioWind -A Breath of Heart-+1
v35.332016-02-22 at 10:39nekonekogirlWind -A Breath of Heart-Added song
v35.322015-10-29 at 19:03varioWind -A Breath of Heart-Nobukazu
v35.312015-05-14 at 18:34traumatizerWind -A Breath of Heart-+1
v35.302015-02-12 at 11:28wakaranaiWind -A Breath of Heart-staff&cast
v35.292015-02-08 at 17:55tenteishinshiWind -A Breath of Heart-add
v35.282015-01-30 at 15:41silenceWind -A Breath of Heart-some cast
v35.272012-07-02 at 17:56yirbaWind -A Breath of Heart-Encubed tag
v35.262010-05-11 at 13:10nacchiWind -A Breath of Heart-Added better screenshots and changed out some for new ones.
v35.252010-05-10 at 21:39nachtwandlerWind -A Breath of Heart-Last screen added )
v35.242010-05-08 at 07:47nacchiWind -A Breath of Heart-Better res added.
v35.232010-05-08 at 07:47nacchiWind -A Breath of Heart-Better res added.
v35.222009-10-17 at 01:13multiWind -A Breath of Heart-Reverse relation update caused by revision v592.4
v35.212008-12-14 at 19:22fr4nzWind -A Breath of Heart-Added two H-Scenes. One is with visible censoring
v35.202008-12-14 at 13:30yorhelWind -A Breath of Heart-Removing NSFW added in v35.17, must've misclicked... Talking about NSFW, does anyone has a screenshot of a H-scene? I think this page could use one.
v35.192008-11-16 at 19:02fr4nzWind -A Breath of Heart-Now every relevant person is pictured at least once.
v35.182008-10-22 at 11:28echomateriaWind -A Breath of Heart-small correction on the title
v35.172008-08-29 at 11:14maouWind: A Breath of HeartAdded screenshot-release info But, do you have a support disk?
v35.162008-08-16 at 08:44yorhelWind: A Breath of HeartA few shots to start off. I don't have any shots of the H-scenes, though...
v35.152008-06-22 at 08:49maccasvenneWind: A Breath of Heart
v35.142008-05-04 at 11:46yorhelWind: A Breath of Heart
v35.132008-05-04 at 11:28echomateriaWind: A Breath of Heart
v35.122008-04-05 at 07:22maccasvenneWind: A Breath of HeartDamn, I've been back and forth with this ><
v35.112008-04-04 at 23:38maccasvenneWind: A Breath of Heart
v35.102008-04-04 at 15:24echomateriaWind: A Breath of Heart
v35.92008-04-04 at 12:31maccasvenneWind: A Breath of Heart
v35.82008-04-02 at 18:24multiWind: A Breath of HeartReverse relation update caused by revision 4237 of v592
v35.72008-04-02 at 18:24multiWind: A Breath of HeartReverse relation update caused by revision 4235 of v592
v35.62008-03-14 at 18:20echomateriaWind: A Breath of Heart
v35.52008-03-12 at 02:14echomateriaWind: A Breath of Heart
v35.42008-03-12 at 02:13echomateriaWind: A Breath of Heart
v35.32008-03-01 at 10:45yorhelWind: A Breath of HeartV-N.net review
v35.22008-02-29 at 17:26echomateriaWind: A Breath of Heart
v35.12007-10-03 at 10:54multiWind: A Breath of HeartAutomated import from VNDB 1.8