Kafu ~Kono Shirabe ga Kimi ni Todokimasu You ni~

花譜 ~この調べが君に届きますように~

TitleKafu ~Kono Shirabe ga Kimi ni Todokimasu You ni~
Original title花譜 ~この調べが君に届きますように~
DeveloperSilver Co., Ltd.


Following the great earthquake, the devastated city has finally been reconstructed. Within the city, is a reputable western-style restaurant called, "Fumongen." One day, Muni Saginomiya and her sister Suzune visit the restaurant. The Saginomiya family reign over a very large zaibatsu in the financial world, but for an undisclosed reason, the two girls become waitresses at "Fumongen." This is a high-class restaurant with beautiful waitresses. Through her short time working at this restaurant, Muni is able to learn how to interact and cooperate with people.

The highlight of this game is the exquisite animation you will encounter from a first class animator. You will find extravagant animation utilized not only in the hot and sexy scenes, but also throughout the entire game, which really heightens the entire performance.

[From Gamelex]

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