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Love Song o Kimi ni...

Love Songを君に・・・

Love Songを君に・・・
Love Song o Kimi ni...
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)


When Akira injures his leg, his dreams of playing soccer are crushed, but a song by the band EDEN helps give him hope again. He gets involved in the band's fan club and starts falling for the fan site administrator, Eve... only to discover that Eve's actually a man!


Japanese (1)
2003-07-2518+Love Song o Kimi ni...

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Character summary

Hitomi AkiraProtagonist
Kinjou TomokiMain character
Oda TakahitoMain character
Eguchi ToshihikoSide character
KaiSide character
Takashima Gen'ichirouSide character
Terasaki ErinaSide character

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Love Song o Kimi ni...

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