Dragon Penance ~Ryuushu Enbu~


Dragon Penance ~Ryuushu Enbu~
TitleDragon Penance ~Ryuushu Enbu~
Original titleドラゴンペナンス-龍珠演舞-
Publishers Zepher


Four boys calling themselves dragons suddenly appear before the protagonist Shirasawa Aki and say they are here to protect the princess.
Her classmates who didn't know the details of the circumstance became jealous of her handsome hangers-on.
It's a little troubling, saying these words Aki still spent everyday having fun in her own way.
However, one day suddenly one of those so-called dragons disappeared. That's were this story really starts.

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2001-11-16All ages  Dragon Penance ~Ryuushu Enbu~Not voicedNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD  

Character summary

Main character Kodaka Kuchiba
Main character Mihanada Ryou
Main character Nagasaka Hisame
Main character Oukawa Shuuya
Side character Kamata Rika

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