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Hoshigari Empusa!


TitleHoshigari Empusa!
Original titleほしがりエンプーサ
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Koutenrin School is famous as being an elite institute, and only elite and gifted students are allowed entrance. Therefore, having an effective leader of the student body who demonstrates the school's ideals of "friendship," "wisdom," and "supremacy" is a must.

The election for the position of the student body president is not an easy one; gaining status among the students and their praise is necessary, and a task that is not easy to do alone. A candidate is encouraged to find a "partner" with which to develop a deepening friendship, who is diligent in their studies and will stay by their candidate's side for support.

Every year when election time rolls around, those students that believe themselves to be the elite of the study body try to make their mark, and the competition for student body president is a heated one. Gaining popularity among the students, attending school events, and finding a supporting partner are all vital to gain success...

[From: Boys' Love Games Headquarters]

You can choose any of the eight main characters as the protagonist and go after the characters of the opposite sex.