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Perseverance: Part 3

Perseverance: Part 3
Perseverance: Part 3
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DeveloperTitanite Games

Perseverance: Part 2


Perseverance: Part 3 is the latest and final episode of the drama/horror visual novel series where the only thing juicier than the gossip are the guts being spilled left and right. In Part 1 you play as Jack Cutter, a father who is struggling to keep his family together in the face of an otherworldly threat coming from the nearby military base. In Part 2 you control Karen, a calculated assassin on the hunt for a mysterious girl in the same remote town of Grey Ville. Finally, in Part 3 you will swap between both of the characters and help them form an unlikely alliance and face the overbearing danger as a team.

Together, they will help the remaining survivors escape from the zombie invasion brought upon them by a mad scientist. It won’t be easy though, in their way stand bloodthirsty monsters, hostile military personnel, the cruel local sheriff, and the hardest obstacle of them all - the demons of their pasts. How will their story end? That’s entirely up to you. Will you make the right choices?

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Polish (2)
2022-05-05Perseverance: Part 3 Demo
2022-08-11Perseverance: Part 3
English (3)
2022-05-05Perseverance: Part 3 Demo
2022-08-11Perseverance: Part 3
2023-02-0913+Perseverance: Complete Edition

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