Double Reaction!

Double Reaction!
TitleDouble Reaction!
Publishers Datam Polystar


Our heroine Yuri, who is a rabid yaoi fangirl, is pissed off that she’s not as good looking as her twin brother Kairi. They find a wishing stone and then Yuri picks it up wishing she was a sexy beast…but then she drops the stone and breaks it. About 18 days later, on September 1st she starts her new school life with Kairi, but one morning they find that stone she broke back on top of her bed. When Yuri touches the stone, she and her brother end up switching bodies. While her brother isn’t too happy being a girl, our heroine Yuri can’t wait to spend her time being a bishounen and yaoi it up with some dudes. The body switching seems to be on and off and so the twins’ adventures begin!

[from Hinano's Game Babbles]

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Main characters

Houjou Ikumi
Houjou Ikumi北条 郁美 
Hair, Pink, Twin Tails
Personality, Closet Pervert
Role, Ojousama
Voiced byKamada Kozue (PS2)


Ikumi is Yuri’s best friend, and someone that Kairi’s had a crush on for some time. She’s a rich ojousama who seems all proper and shit but in reality she’s a dirty hentai, who steals Kairi’s photos and peeks at him while he’s showering.

Jake Kanzaki III
Jake Kanzaki IIIジェイク=神崎=三世 
Body, Adult
Role, Foreigner, Teacher
Voiced bySuwabe Jun'ichi (PS2)
Kakizaki Rou
Kakizaki Rou蛎﨑 朗 
Voiced byNojima Kenji (PS2)
Sakuma Satoru
Sakuma Satoru佐久間 悟 
Voiced byIshikawa Hideo (PS2)
Tajima Kousuke
Tajima Kousuke但馬 功佑 
Voiced byTakahashi Hiroki (PS2)

Side characters

Sonoda Yuuki
Sonoda Yuuki園田 由貴 
Voiced bySasada Takayuki (PS2)
Takimura Ichie
Takimura Ichie滝村 市衛 
Voiced byOkiayu Ryoutarou (PS2)