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Exchange: In Your Shoes

Exchange: In Your Shoes
AliasesExchange In Your Shoes
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown


Exchange follows the story of Fred, who happens to be a successful book writer. He has a perfect life, the perfect career, and the perfect girl(April) who he's set out to marry, but his one and only flaw is that he's a sex addict. The story begins as his so-called perfect life comes crumbling down as his fiance leaves him for good after a bitter argument but fate seemed to have a different plan for the two, as Fred wakes up in the body of his fiance. Juggling his problems in April's body and all the experiences he has to go through, how well will he fare? Will Fred recognize his flaws and turn over a new leaf? Or will he fall to the tempting lure around him? The choice is yours.



English (1)
2022-05-0218+Exchange: In Your Shoes v0.3

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