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Mamotte Kurechau


TitleMamotte Kurechau
Original titleまもってくれちゃうっ
AliasesMamotte Kurecyau
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperRitz software
PublishersRitz software


Yui is a second year student at a private boy's school. One day he finds an anonymous love letter in his shoe box. He heads to the place of meeting and meets another boy in strange circumstances!

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2008-02-2918+Mamotte Kurechau
2008-03-0318+Mamotte Kurechau -Trial Edition-


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Character summary

ProtagonistTerashima Yui
Main characterFujishiro Yoshiki
Main characterFunabashi Yousuke
Main characterKashimura Takuto
Main characterKido Tadaaki
Main characterMamiya Sayuki
Main characterNarukami Jun
Main characterUkai Seijirou

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