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Oshigoto → Shachou (Honjitsuzuke)


TitleOshigoto → Shachou (Honjitsuzuke)
Original titleお仕事→社長(本日付け)
AliasesI am the president... from today
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperRitz software
PublishersRitz software


When Yuuto's father dies in a car accident, Yuuto must take over his company. But he's just an average college student, and feels lost in this new world. With the help of his father's secretary and others in the business, will Yuuto be able to succeed?


Japanese (1)
2004-03-2118+Oshigoto → Shachou (Honjitsuzuke)

Full character list

Character summary

Hidaka YuutoProtagonist
Kagemura ShuuichiMain character
Kanna MasatoMain character
Matsudaira ReijirouMain character
Voiced by Narita Ken
Nose TakahisaMain character
Voiced by AKIO
Togawa TakuyaSide character

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Oshigoto → Shachou (Honjitsuzuke)

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