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A Heart of Butterblue

A Heart of Butterblue
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A murdered father and a missing grandfather...

It is under these circumstances that Phebe finds herself moving to the isolated frontier town of Edgeville. Rumors have it that monsters roam the lands after dark and anyone caught outside is never heard from again. With eerie murderous howling heard every night, Phebe has no choice to become accustomed to this new life if she wants to find her missing grandfather.

Play as this polite city girl as she forages, farms and (possibly) woos the local villagers as she navigates this new life of hers.



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2022-03-31A Heart of Butterblue - Demo
2022-11-10A Heart of Butterblue - Alpha 2.1
2023-04-01A Heart of Butterblue v1.0
2023-04-03A Heart of Butterblue v1.002
2023-09-29A Heart of Butterblue


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