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v36.522018-05-14 at 13:15seiginomikataAirchanged the realise of a screenshot (wrong release) Added a screenshot for the vita version
v36.512018-05-03 at 16:42multiAirReverse relation update caused by revision v22536.3
v36.502018-05-03 at 16:40multiAirReverse relation update caused by revision v22536.2
v36.492018-04-26 at 18:16galtosk1AirPotato Seiyuu
v36.482018-01-10 at 17:29multiAirReverse relation update caused by revision v869.8
v36.472018-01-10 at 17:29multiAirReverse relation update caused by revision v869.7
v36.462017-02-08 at 19:49shinnewAirCorrected cast. link "柳也(りゅうや)声 - 神奈延年 / 斎藤千和(少年時代)" "神奈備命(かんなびのみこと)声 - 西村ちなみ"
v36.452016-11-09 at 04:13chipp12AirWhat the point of using first name in one place and then second name in others?
v36.442016-09-23 at 18:56varioAir+1
v36.432016-09-23 at 18:00varioAir+1
v36.422016-09-23 at 17:57varioAirstaff
v36.412016-09-05 at 13:20seiginomikataAirAdded a screenshot from the vita version Bis (forgot to upload sorry)
v36.402016-09-05 at 13:19seiginomikataAirAdded a screenshot from the vita version
v36.392016-05-01 at 03:06silenceAirmissing cast
v36.382016-04-30 at 15:15varioAirnote
v36.372016-03-17 at 11:09nekonekogirlAirAdded cast
v36.362015-11-01 at 01:21varioAir+1
v36.352015-11-01 at 01:14varioAir+1
v36.342015-05-14 at 20:57ermesonAirstaff
v36.332015-04-18 at 04:54aexisAirMemorial Edition Cover, higher resolution and better looking
v36.322015-04-17 at 01:38cyberslayerAirva
v36.312015-03-13 at 19:14berunkaAirAdded VA
v36.302015-02-22 at 15:07asakiAiradd voice for Minagi
v36.292015-02-01 at 13:28silenceAirseiyuu
v36.282015-02-01 at 03:48berunkaAirAdded staff
v36.272015-01-30 at 22:46berunkaAirAdded cast
v36.262015-01-30 at 18:19berunkaAirAdded
v36.252015-01-29 at 06:17berunkaAirAdded staff
v36.242015-01-29 at 04:44berunkaAirAdded
v36.232015-01-29 at 04:06r2Airadded script writer
v36.222014-02-02 at 14:38eyelessAirReverted to revision v36.20 covers without watermarks are preferred
v36.212014-02-01 at 03:09himesAircover (memorial edtion)
v36.202013-11-23 at 15:54multiAirReverse relation update caused by revision v14020.1
v36.192013-05-02 at 15:41multiAirReverse relation update caused by revision v11256.2
v36.182012-10-08 at 21:38multiAirReverse relation update caused by revision v11256.1
v36.172012-10-08 at 20:33multiAirReverse relation update caused by revision v11253.1
v36.162010-11-03 at 16:36nekonekogirlAirAdded HQ picture.
v36.152010-06-24 at 11:07eyelessAirReverted to revision v36.13 No reason to change screenshots. Also, too many CGs.
v36.142010-06-23 at 23:06ibukitomoyaAir.,.........
v36.132010-03-23 at 17:29chikanAirnsfw screenshot
v36.122010-02-02 at 04:55acucar11AirScreenshots
v36.112010-01-05 at 20:43izmosmolnarAirencubed
v36.102009-10-11 at 15:50multiAirReverse relation update caused by revision v1386.4
v36.92009-01-14 at 01:31multiAirReverse relation update caused by revision v1386.1
v36.82008-06-22 at 07:45yorhelAir
v36.72008-05-04 at 11:54yorhelAir
v36.62008-04-16 at 21:24echomateriaAir
v36.52008-03-12 at 10:25echomateriaAir
v36.42008-03-12 at 10:24echomateriaAir
v36.32008-03-09 at 17:42echomateriaAir