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The Soul of the White Dragon

The Soul of the White Dragon
AliasesThe Soul of the White Dragon (Adventures of Luzi Cane)
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)

Rider of the Crimson Dragon


This kinetic visual novel is not based on drama and conflict, but loaded with a deep understanding of the human and beyond and hints at transformative choices in life.

If you think dragons are a myth, you will learn otherwise in this story. Furthermore, you will learn about the elves, and discover a whole world that you didn’t know existed right under your nose.

In her search for material for an upcoming book, Luzi stumbles upon many secrets and old wisdom, signs of seemingly lost, ancient knowledge. When searching for truth, one may find love and friendship that one has been looking for, even in places abandoned many years ago, or in realms not of this world.

Based on the first book (of 5) in the Luzi Cane series, it gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy an incredible adventure. At the same time, you gain so-called lost or hidden knowledge, in a world that desperately tries to wake up from its long slumber but is distracted by the ‘noise’ from the same world. The dragons are awakening, not to destroy us, but to guide us in our quest for a deeper understanding of our place in creation.



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2022-05-25The Soul of the White Dragon - Demo
2022-06-18AllThe Soul of the White Dragon

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