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Loli Loli Paradise

ろりろり ぱらだいす

ろりろり ぱらだいす
Loli Loli Paradise
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The main character spends all his time at his part time job as a janitor at a sports gym. The gym is full of cute girls who go to the gymnastics classes and swimming classes there. Temptation gets the best of him and he starts to reach out for their little bodies.

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Japanese (1)
2007-10-2518+Loli Loli Paradise


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              Character summary

              Kawahara JunMain character
              Voiced by Nagase Yuzuha
              Koike MakoMain character
              Voiced by Nagase Yuzuha
              Yamazaki MaronMain character
              Voiced by Nagase Yuzuha

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