Sakurazaka Icchoume Ichiban Chi


Sakurazaka Icchoume Ichiban Chi
TitleSakurazaka Icchoume Ichiban Chi
Original title桜坂一丁目一番地
AliasesSakurazaka Icchoume Ichi-banchi, Sakurazaka 1-chome 1-banchi, Sakurazaka Icchoume Ichiban Chi Ee Ore ga Kanrinin?!, 桜坂一丁目一番地 えっオレが管理人?!
Publishers Unicorn-B


Motoki was under the care of a kind old lady and an "onii-san" after his parents passed away. However, he was forced to separate from them and taken away to live with his relatives.

A few years passed. One day, Motoki is visited by an estate manager (who looks strangely familiar). It seems that the old lady had passed away and he has inherited the boarding house she used to own. However, she was the housekeeper, and there are 3 tenants still living there.

As the new owner/housekeeper, he has to either take care of the tenants or sell the house. Problem is that, Motoki doesn't want to keep the house, and the tenants do not want to leave.....

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