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Teachers. With Love and Passion.

Teachers. With Love and Passion.
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)


It's time to start your new life as a teacher at the local school!

You worked hard to get here and prove that you are worth reaching your goals. However, nothing prepared you for what you are about to see...
Who would say that such a normal job would drop you in a den of hot single teachers ready to fall in love with you?

Make decisions and get to know them all. But be careful! Your answers may change your love life forever.

This is your chance to live a sweet and lovely school romance all over again.



English (1)
2022-06-2313+Teachers. With Love and Passion.


Full character list

Character summary

Hanna FeinProtagonist
Edgar MitchellMain character
Lawrence HansonMain character
Leonard FlynnMain character
Markus KentMain character
Ray FoxMain character
Christy GomezSide character
Eric QuinSide character
Thomas KleinmannSide character

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Teachers. With Love and Passion.

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