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Onna Kentoushi ~Chijoku no Tougijou~

女剣闘士 ~恥辱の闘技場~

女剣闘士 ~恥辱の闘技場~
Onna Kentoushi ~Chijoku no Tougijou~
AliasesFemale Gladiators ~Coliseum of Shame~
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperStudio Sepia
PublishersStudio Sepia
Shops» JP¥ 2090 @ DLsite


A violation ADV novel + prepare-for-battle SLG
Women sold into slavery have one way to win their freedom.
Cultivate their skills and enjoy the epic sex!

The player can choose 3 unique heroines:
a circus announcer, a warrioress, and a proud noble.
They each have suffered terrible fates, and must fight to live.
Nothing can be worse than this slavery... can it?

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Japanese (1)
2015-10-0318+Onna Kentoushi ~Chijoku no Tougijou~

Full character list

Character summary

AnnMain character
Voiced by Inukai Ao
SirisMain character
Voiced by Momoka Ren
LinaMain character
Voiced by Nagase Yuzuha
AzardSide character
GardSide character
GoliathSide character
JackSide character
BabonSide character
BrudeSide character
FreddySide character
LaurelSide character

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