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Getemono Kui o Matsu


Getemono Kui o Matsu
Play timeVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperNeko to Shinjuu
PublishersNeko to Shinjuu


In the early Showa period, there was a certain rural town "Uchimori".
Hiroki Wakasa, who was a newspaper reporter in Tokyo, was taken off from the company because of the medical treatment of his injuries and he was always glared at by the upper management.
He had no choice but to spend time in his hometown until his injury was healed, and when he returned home for the first time in a few years, an unfamiliar mansion was built on the outskirts of the town.

"You shouldn't stick your neck in. There's a kid who forgot God."

Forget God.
Hiromi, who was afraid of his hometown that hates people born with white hair because they view them as "a sinister being that God forgot to paint before he was born," wasn't surprised to see that their views hadn't changed. He decided to take over between the boy, Kaina, and the townspeople.
To let the people of the town know that people who "forgot God" are also just ordinary people.

-Ignorance is a sin.

[Translated from Freem!]


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2022-06-04AllGetemono Kui o Matsu

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Wakasa HirokiProtagonist
Hessen JillMain character
KainaMain character

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