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WTC : Love's Labour's Lost

WTC : Love's Labour's Lost
StatusIn development
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperTriority Interactive Novels
PublishersTriority Interactive Novels


Chichester was once an unassuming and lawful city on the southern tip of England. However, with the arrival of the megalomaniacal Grendel Jinx and her put-upon "friend", this soon changes as Grendel works her way into all aspects of local governance.

Not wanting to see another place fall under control of Grendel, the protagonist devises a plan to take Grendel back to America, but comes up against opposition in the form of Cindi Eglantine, the local tourist guide. Joining her in the plan, is “The Violet Hotel” waitress.

Together, they devise a way of saving Grendel, although neither would realise the cost of stopping the protagonist.

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