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Baradise Escape

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Baradise EscapeSuggestive / Tame (15)
Baradise Escape
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperMeYaoi Games
PublishersMeYaoi Games


Welcome to Baradise Escape, a survival game and dating sim rolled into one! You play as a young man who finds himself stranded on a tropical island. As you navigate the challenges of survival, you'll also have the chance to meet a diverse cast of handsome men, each with their own unique personalities and stories. Can you find love and build a life on the island, or will you be forever alone? Only time will tell.

As you scavenge for resources and craft tools, you'll need to keep an eye out for danger. The island is home to all sorts of wild animals and other threats, so stay alert and use your skills to stay alive. But don't let the challenges of survival get you down - there's always time to flirt and build relationships with the island's eligible bachelors.

Who will you choose to romance? Will you go for your high school ex, the cute guy you saved on a forest, the rugged hunter who could kill you at anytime, or the merman who saved you from drowning or the other eligible bachelors on the island? With multiple endings and tons of replay value, Baradise Escape is a dating sim unlike any other.



English (2)
2021-04-2118+Baradise Escape - Alpha Demo
2023-01-1118+Baradise Escape - Beta Demo


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