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Bliss Stage: Love is Our Weapon

Bliss Stage: Love is Our WeaponSafe / Tame (14)
Bliss Stage: Love is Our Weapon
StatusUnfinished, no ongoing development
Play timeUnknown


Earth has been occupied a long seven years by the aliens known as the Nightmares, creatures both vicious and otherworldly from the mysterious Dream-world; these sinister creatures have locked all but the entire adult population of the world in a prison of pleasant dreams called the Bliss and even now attack those scattered teenage gangs and children's creches still standing in the Wake, using strange and monstrous machines armed with noxious fumes and searing rays and other weapons too hideous to describe.

Now you, as 15-year old survivor Joshua Castellano Preston, are part of a Resistance against the till-now uncontested alien control of Earth. Led by your father, the self-styled Colonel Jim Preston, and armed with a reverse-engineered Alien Numina Inversion Machine, you must lead a mismatched band of child soldiers to victory against the overwhelming might of the Nightmares in the Dream and the Wake.

[From the Lemma Soft thread]

An adaptation of the tabletop game of the same name.


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2012-07-23Bliss Stage: Love is Our Weapon (Public Demo)

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Bliss Stage: Love is Our Weapon (Public Demo)

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