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LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperBlue Forest
PublishersBlue Forest


The protagonist, Kai Kishou, has moved home many times since he was a child.
Because of all these goodbyes he has become indifferent to people, but when making arrangements at a new school he suddenly encounters a girl being attacked by strange men.
These strange attackers are not normal humans.
The targeted girl, and the beautiful swordswoman who protects her.
The world he has been thrust into will completely change Kishou's destiny.

[Translated from The Official website]


2003-07All agesSin Chapter 1
2003-09-20All agesSin Chapter 2
2004-01-14All agesSin Chapter 3
2004-04-28All agesSin Chapter 4
2004-09-02All agesSin Chapters 1-4 Batch Version
2004-09-29All agesSin Chapter 5
2005-04-03All agesSin Chapter 6
2005-11-01All agesSin Chapters 1-6 Batch Version
2006-10-16All agesSin Chapter 7
2006-10-31All agesSin Chapters 1-7 Batch Version
2008-07-09All agesSin Chapters 1-7 Remake Batch Version
2008-09-22All agesSin Chapters 1-7 Remake Divided Version

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Sin Chapters 1-7 Remake Batch Version

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