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Inu Para


Inu Para
AliasesDogs Paradise
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperNEKO WORKs
PublishersNEKO WORKs & Sekai Project


Transported?! Another world?!
A protagonist sent to a world with humanoid dogs!

A young man who attends college while working part time as a pet groomer.
Although he lives by himself, he has two dogs—a Pomeranian named Tanpopo and a Shiba named Himawari.
One day, Tanpopo and Himawari randomly turned into girls.
The dogs from his sister’s and his parents’ place come to live with him as well, which causes him to panic.
As he freaks out, a girl with the same name as the Corgi he kept at his parents’ house in his childhood, Botan, starts to talk about things only he and Botan would know, which ends up slowly convincing him.

As expected of someone who works part time as a pet groomer, his brushing skills are top notch.
He’s skilled enough to even cut hair if he wanted.
However, since he doesn’t have the qualifications, he only gives cuts to his dogs at home.

He’s always had his older sister, a master coddler, trying to smother him since childhood, so he has the skills to deal with girls and dogs with slightly difficult personalities.

[From Sekai Project]


Japanese (1)
English (1)


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AnemoneMain character
CallaMain character
TampopoMain character
HimawariMain character
BotanMain character
MimosaMain character

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