Tokyo Alice


Tokyo Alice
TitleTokyo Alice
Original title東京アリス
AliasesToukyou Arisu
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperKyoushuu Hanaya
Publishers Kyoushuu Hanaya
 Seven Nights Translations & Tengu Translations
 Nasha Versija & Pin201
 Buz Trans Group
 Sentaku no yume
 Velvet Roses
 Sakashi Plans


Outa is your typical no nonsense guy who looks firmly towards reality… Too bad his air headed childhood friend, Arisu, can’t be as serious as him. Their lives go about as normal, until Arisu has been absent from school for a total of three days. As Outa wonders what’s wrong with her, she drifts past him in odd clothes with a mysterious look about her. Outa is then pulled into Wonderland along with her.

His mission? To save her, and drag her out of there no matter what. Amidst a mysterious world filled with talking rabbits and bickering flowers, why does Arisu insist on being called Alice? What’s her purpose there? And, does she even want to leave Wonderland?


Role, Figment

Main characters

Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Catチェシャ猫