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v3684.92013-03-26 at 15:15nekonekogirlTokyo AliceRemoved last screenshot. It's the same as #14128, only in French.
v3684.82011-06-25 at 08:59fyutyaTokyo Aliceadd french screenshot.
v3684.72011-06-12 at 21:23goldensneerTokyo AliceThe previous description was too vague.
v3684.62010-10-31 at 02:27samo0204Tokyo AliceSorry my bad. Wrong upload, so uploading the picture again.
v3684.52010-10-31 at 02:26samo0204Tokyo AliceEnglish version screenshot
v3684.42010-04-24 at 18:04tjmTokyo AliceReconsidered length (after discovering how much I missed in my first playthrough).
v3684.32010-04-20 at 22:22tjmTokyo AliceScreenshots, length, description.
v3684.22010-03-14 at 21:56tjmTokyo AliceAdded alias.
v3684.12010-03-05 at 13:55vdzTokyo AliceVN added