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Blade's True Path

Blade's True PathSafe / Tame (14)
Blade's True Path
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What's The Final Step For A Swordsman?
It’s been a year since the war with the demon king and the 3 heroes that defeated him have returned to their home city of Valafor. After helping to rebuild, 2 of the heroes have settled into their new paths in life but Valen has yet to choose his.

Valen has walked the path of the swordsmen alongside his friends Beatrix and Lillian but they have different ideas on what the end purpose of swordsmen should be.

Lillian believes that at the end of the Blade’s road, lays peace and tranquility knowing that the battle has been won.

Beatrix believes that there is no end to the Blade’s road, one must always strive to get stronger.

During their quest Valen stayed indecisive, not knowing what road he should take. However, now he’s forced to choose.

Lillian has settled down and put up her sword in favor of home life while Beatrix tells both of them that she plans to leave the city in search of new challenges and that she would like Valen to join her. Valen has feelings for both girls and now he must choose between them, stay with Lillian or go with Beatrix.

The Path of Rest or the Path of Strength?

He has 5 days to choose.



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