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Cerita Minimarket - Setitik Cahaya di Tengah Kegelapan

Cerita Minimarket - Setitik Cahaya di Tengah Kegelapan
Minimarket Story - A Ray of Light in the Midst of Darkness
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Failure ... anyone must have experienced this. However, if failure is experienced many times throughout life, then it will make anyone very depressed, to the point of wanting to end life.
That's what happened to Rayhan, a twenty-eight-year-old man whose whole life has been filled with failures, from academic problems, careers to romance, none of them succeeded, all of them ended in failure. The sense of failure that he experienced many times was very psychologically hit him, and made him a depressed young man who had trouble sleeping every night. Until at one point he felt that his existence in the world was only a burden, and it was better to just disappear from the face of the earth. However, when he was about to jump off the bridge to end his life, he was blown by the wind in the opposite direction and thwarted his suicide..

Once again he failed to do anything.

While contemplating his fate after the failed action to end his life, a pamphlet fell on his face. The pamphlet contains the promotion of a psychiatric clinic that is ready to serve free of charge for anyone with severe depression. At that time, Rayhan immediately went to the clinic.

Arriving there, Rayhan was greeted warmly by the psychiatrist, and he asked Rayhan to tell him anything that caused him to be very depressed, Rayhan also told all the failures he had experienced in detail. After listening to all the stories of Rayhan's failures in life, the psychiatrist gave a box of sedatives and an order for Rayhan.

“Go to the village of Dreams, that place is my hometown. I am sure, there will be a suitable place for your recovery from your severe depression. Coincidentally there was also a mini market owned by my family which was almost closed because it was not well managed. How about you take care of the minimarket. So, I will hand over the ownership of the minimarket entirely to you.”

At first Rayhan refused, but thanks to the psychiatrist's seduction, Rayhan wanted to go to the village and take care of the minimarket. Will Rayhan be able to get rid of his depression, and rebuild a minimarket that is almost got bankrupt?

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Indonesian (2)
2022-07-03AllCerita Minimarket - Setitik Cahaya di Tengah Kegelapan
TBA18+Cerita Minimarket - Setitik Cahaya di Tengah Kegelapan
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TBA18+Cerita Minimarket - Setitik Cahaya di Tengah Kegelapan

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