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Boku Dake no Nurse ~Hakui no Gohoushi 2~


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Boku Dake no Nurse ~Hakui no Gohoushi 2~Suggestive / Tame (14)
Boku Dake no Nurse ~Hakui no Gohoushi 2~
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperUme Soft
PublishersUme Soft

Hakui no Gohoushi


The main character is company president. His life goes well, but he can't get along with girls. One day, his friend introduces him a special hospital called Healing Clinic "Avalon". He is skeptical at first, but he visits there. What await him are three nurses, Yuu, Ritsu, and Shinome. According to his doctor, he is lack of power to love people and a special treatment is necessary to cure it. He doesn't know what's going on, but he chooses nurses as told by the doctor.... Actually, the treatment is just having sex with them. He gradually gets addicted to it and decides to stay in the hospital for a week. Well, will he be able to cure it...? How about relationships with his nurses...?

[From ErogeShop]