Boku no Atarashii Sensei


Boku no Atarashii Sensei
TitleBoku no Atarashii Sensei
Original title僕のあたらしい先生
Publishers Guilty


Takao Nanase is a senior at a well-known high school. It's Friday, and he has his eyes on the new English teacher, Michiko Utsumi. Takao gets his friend Tsuyoshi Mishima to take pictures of her in leotards. Takao is obsessed with her looks.

He returns home, where his cousin Miho greets him. She tries to seduce him, but with Michiko on his mind he ignores her.

Tsuyoshi is secretly in love with Sana Dojima. A few days later, he follows her and learns an amazing secret! He discovers that Sana and Michiko are lesbians and are really hot on each other. Michiko also has her eyes on Takao as a new pet.

One day, while Michiko and Takao are alone together after school, she seduces him. Later, Miho calls and asks him to come home. As he enters the house, Miho confesses her infatuation towards him. His stalwart reasoning begins to crumble.

Tsuyoshi gives Takao a key to the girls' locker room. Takao goes in, finds Michiko's panties, and starts masturbating with them. Michiko walks in and finds him in the middle of the act. She yells at him, but he confesses his love for her and begs for mercy. Surprisingly enough, she accepts him and their days of carnal pleasure begin.

A few days later, Sana tells Takao that he is simply a pet for Michiko. Takao bursts into rage and questions Michiko. He later finds out about her relationship with the chairman of the school board and?c

Where is this story going? Just how will these love-crazed fiends end up?

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