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CreditsKaneko Mitsue [Scenario]
Kaneko Mitsue [Staff] [Planning]

Kaneko Mitsue [Scenario]
Kaneko Mitsue [Staff] [Planning]
Sazanami Misa [Artist]

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Mizen Tantei: The Protea Cases

未然探偵 The Protea Cases

未然探偵 The Protea Cases
Mizen Tantei: The Protea Cases
Play timeUnknown
Developerorange inc.
Publishersorange inc.


Shinjuku, 2023.

The protagonist, Chiharu Izuki, lacks self-confidence due to the trauma of once being kidnapped, and spend her days unable to help anyone at all.

One day, while searching for a missing person at her detective agency job, she comes cross the mysterious app “Protea.”

It was a crime prediction artificial intelligence developed by the Metropolitan Police Department and currently being tested in the Shinjuku Ward.

Guided by Protea’s predictions, Chihari encounters various incidents.

She meets a detective who asks for her cooperation, a mysterious boy who for some reason appears at the scene of the crime, and others.

Chiharu’s new life of cooperative work to prevent incidents before they occur has begun…!

[from Gematsu]


Japanese (5)
2022-07-2812+Mizen Tantei: The Protea Cases
2022-10-1312+Mizen Tantei: The Protea Cases
2022-11-1012+Mizen Tantei: The Protea Cases
TBA12+Mizen Tantei: The Protea Cases
TBA12+Mizen Tantei: The Protea Cases


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