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All Below Kaiju Zaibatsu

All Below Kaiju ZaibatsuSafe / Tame (13)
All Below Kaiju Zaibatsu
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Drew can't get a break, she lives in the worst apartment and eats ramen noodles from a mug. There is no escape from this dystopic reality, except through the headset connected to the VIRTUAL WORLD.

There she becomes Security Hero 343, an action packed protector of her employer's treasured assets, the tech conglomerate known as, Kaiju Zaibatsu.

Kaiju Zaibatsu promises her great things, but a sly and flirty Cyber-Pirate keeps screwing it up for her.

Will she be successful in stopping this Cyber Criminal, or maybe she has other plans with him??

All Below Kaiju Zaibatsu is a Cyberpunk Romantic Action Comedy about a woman trying to juggle two different identities through a dystopic future, with a cluster of zany characters ranging from violent childish robots to bunny girl bartenders.



English (2)
2022-07-09All Below Kaiju Zaibatsu - Demo
2022-09-02All Below Kaiju Zaibatsu

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