Tsui no Yakata ~Orihime~

終の館 ~檻姫~

Tsui no Yakata ~Orihime~
TitleTsui no Yakata ~Orihime~
Original title終の館 ~檻姫~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperCircus & Circus Fetish
Publishers Circus & Circus Fetish
Tsui no Yakata ~Tsumi to Batsu~
Tsui no Yakata ~Ningyou~


Released under the Circus brand division 'Circus Fetish', the Tsui no Yakata series mainly focuses on maids.

One day, the protagonist meets a cheerful, positive girl with brown skin.
When his pet dog dies the brightness of the girl alleviates his loneliness and a bond of mutual trust develops between them.
Their daily life passes bit-by-bit and the connection between them deepens. However, the passing of time gradually drives the human mad...