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Nerawareta Reijou Shimai ~Kaikyaku Onsen~

狙われた隷嬢姉妹 ~開脚温泉旅~

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Nerawareta Reijou Shimai ~Kaikyaku Onsen~Explicit / Tame (14)
狙われた隷嬢姉妹 ~開脚温泉旅~
Nerawareta Reijou Shimai ~Kaikyaku Onsen~
AliasesTargeted Slave Sisters: Legs Spread Onsen
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperSoba Udon
PublishersSoba Udon
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Soba Udon presents our 1st full original adult ADV! In the mountains at a hot spring resort, sisters enjoy the bubbling water, the oil massages, the comfy social atmosphere... the r*pe, the violation, the sexual objectification...

30 base images, over 200 total, with selectable paths and diverging results. Assault and corrupted morals endings! Lots of sound effects and fully voiced heroines!

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Japanese (1)
2012-05-3018+Nerawareta Reijou Shimai ~Kaikyaku Onsen~


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              Character summary

              AyakaMain character
              Voiced by Momoyama Kotori
              YuikaMain character
              Voiced by Watari Emu

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