Kasou Party ~Mofuku Miboujin no Innyuu Shibori~

火葬パーティー ~喪服未亡人の淫乳搾り~

TitleKasou Party ~Mofuku Miboujin no Innyuu Shibori~
Original title火葬パーティー ~喪服未亡人の淫乳搾り~
AliasesFuneral Party - The Lewd Widow in Black -
Publishers Pin-Point


The gentle and big-breasted widow Yoko goes from bereaved widow to down and dirty sexual slave in the painstakingly drawn "Breastmilk Spurting, Multiple Orgasm Naughty Widow AVG"!

Set at a cremation, our widow is violated, performs exhibitionism, has food eaten off her body, is anally penetrated, breasts squeezed, group sex, bukkake'd, and more!

In our virtual cremation location based off thorough research into actual facilities, you can engage in all the cremation play you like!

We've taken our animation to the next stage using even more brilliant "ultimate silky smooth animation"!

We've evolved and precisely re-created the fluid movements and soft qualities of the characters' skin.

Yoko is violently active in this production and her orgasms are must-see!! Get a feel for the heat of her body with this production!!

Art provided by the popular big-breast artist Sumeragi Kohaku!

We've left nothing out of this huge 120 page collection of art and insert graphics and animation!

King Pin, the brand created to surpass Pinpoint!

Our first production at last makes its appearance on the scene!!

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