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Fuyu Saki no Hana


Fuyu Saki no Hana
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperHanasaya GP
PublishersHanasaya GP

Natsumori no Hana

Same setting

Layer if: Miauheya


Three palm editions related to flowers and the customers and clerks who visit the flower shop. 3 EDs for each route.

[Aloe Route]…One snowy day, a female customer who came to SAKURA fleur, which was about to close, rushed to buy a potted aloe plant. Why did she want Aloe? ≫≫The truth changes depending on the choice.

[Anglicum Route]…Tokiwa Fujika, a part-time clerk at "SAKURA fleur", recently had a problem. She has one-ring calls every 10 minutes, the feeling of being turned on, and the bouquet of anglicum in front of her house when she gets home. The meaning is... ≫≫ The development changes depending on the choice.

[Cattleya Route]… Part-time shop assistants Saibara Joh and Tokiwa Fujika receive an order from a male high school student for a “cattleya bouquet”. However, the high school boy was gone. The two apologize to the shop owner (his son) Sakura Shino for the mistake in ordering, but Shino tells them what happened four years ago. ≫≫The ED changes depending on the choice.

[Translated from NovelGame]


Japanese (1)
2019-10-14Fuyu Saki no Hana


Full character list

Character summary

Sakura ShinoMain character
Voiced by Hoki Hiroumi
Tokiwa FujikaMain character
Voiced by Watanabe Hanae
Saibara JouMain character
Voiced by Suzuki Rintarou

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