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Haruiki no Hana


Haruiki no Hana
Play timeVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperHanasaya GP
PublishersHanasaya GP

Natsumori no Hana


[Carnation no Fukasa]... The detective, Abiko Harutaka, just happened to meet a part-time JK florist named Yomoyama Shouko. When he finally returned home in the middle of the night, his girlfriend was in his room. Please help the troubled JK.

[Sakura no Mokugekisha]... It's cherry blossom season. After visiting a flower shop called "SAKURA fleur", Fujika, who is on her way home from a part-time job, happens to run into a customer, but the customer's story is somewhat disturbing. A mystery novel.

[Suzuran no Miryoku]... "Boyfriend's Cheating" or "She's Cheating". The ending that the cheating lover arrived at... A suspense novel.

[Translated from NovelGame]


Japanese (1)
2021-10-24Haruiki no Hana


Full character list

Character summary

Sakura ShinoMain character
Voiced by Hoki Hiroumi
Yomoyama ShoukoMain character
Voiced by Suzuyama Aoi
Abiko HarutakaMain character
Voiced by Tanaka Keisuke
Tokiwa FujikaMain character
Voiced by Watanabe Hanae
Mamiya AoiMain character
Saibara JouMain character
Voiced by Himeragi Yuuto

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