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Natsumori no Hana


Natsumori no Hana
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperHanasaya GP
PublishersHanasaya GP

Fuyu Saki no Hana


Haruiki no Hana


[Sunflower Route]… I fell in love at first sight with a girl called "MoA." I never thought she was walking in front of my house when I only saw her on SNS.

[Morning Glory Route]... Neighborhood association summer festival. Fujika invites Shino and Jou, who work at her part-time job, after hearing that this year is going to be even more extravagant than usual. And there is Asahi, the 'younger brother', with them...

[Bougainvillea Route]... Sonya is hired as a maid at a certain mansion. Her true purpose is not to work as a maid...

[Translated from official website]


Japanese (1)
2020-10-13Natsumori no Hana


Full character list

Character summary

Sofia DraganovaMain character
Voiced by Suzuyama Aoi
Sakura ShinoMain character
Voiced by Hoki Hiroumi
Tokiwa FujikaMain character
Voiced by Watanabe Hanae
Notoya MoeMain character
Saibara JouMain character
Voiced by Himeragi Yuuto

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