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Good Luck Baby!

Good Luck Baby!
StatusIn development
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DeveloperNoodletub Games
PublishersNoodletub Games


Having a stroke of bad luck sucks. Having a few weeks of bad luck is even worse. That's something Hifumi Tanaka unfortunately learns first-hand. Stubbing her toe one too many times, losing her wallet on the train to the city, getting to school two hours late... this unrelenting streak of misfortune makes her cry out in frustration to the universe. “Can't something good happen for once?!”

Hifumi's luck begins to turn around upon meeting the famous delinquent Kasumi Itou. Even though she's known at school for being trouble, the reality is that Kasumi is a funny, level-headed girl with a heart of gold. Just as their mutual crushes on each other begin to bloom, they are met with one heck of a surprise...

A baby with a halo sitting happily on Kasumi's doorstep!

Meeting this baby changes not just the lives and luck of our girls, but the entire world - and maybe even the galaxy - as we know it. Can they evade the looming shadow of a mysterious villain known only as "Empress Metis" long enough to get this baby back home?

[From Kickstarter]


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2022Good Luck Baby!

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