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DescriptionThe legend of a hidden village passed down in a small town.
In order to investigate the old folklore that remains in the town where they live, the main character, Kazuki Yakumo, sets foot in the rumored mountains with his club mates.
It was supposed to be a short trip like a page from youth, but it is not.

"Where are we?"

Unexpectedly, Kazuki and his club mates found themselves in a strange and unfamiliar place.
There is a dilapidated and decaying house in a light thin fog.
The air was stagnant as if time had stopped.
There was no sign of anyone but themselves, but traces of life remained here and there.
This is Himeyoshimura, a legend and small abandoned hidden village deep by the residents in the mountains.

No one remembers how on earth they got there.
Even if you try to leave the village, you will be back before you know it because of being covered in fog.
Kazuki and his friends begin a life of survival in the village, believing that they will be able to escape, even though they feel that they are trapped by mysterious "something" that they do not know.

However, from that day on, Kazuki begins to see girls indulging in lewd acts in the village.
The wet and charming voice of a familiar girl echoes in the abandoned village filled with the sweet scent of debauchery to melt away.
Kazuki also sees the lewd nightmare dreams of the girls being raped, and he feels as if something black is seeping into his mind.

"This is Kago-no-sato.
If the master is a welcomed guest, please think carefully about your choice."

A girl, Kagome, who appeared before Kazuki, who was perplexed by the unusual situation.
She says that in order to leave the village, one person must be chosen to remain behind as a human sacrifice.
Unable to accept the sacrifice order of his friends, Kazuki tries to investigate the abandoned village in search of clues to escape.
Will Kazuki and his friends escape from the abandoned village where lewd power reigns, or will they be doomed?

Is this hometown a paradise overflowing with pleasure and joy?
Or is it a prison bound by love passion and lust?

[Translated from [url=]officlal website[/url]]

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Haison Shoujo ~Ayashi Madohi no Kago no Sato~

廃村少女 ~妖し惑ひの籠の郷~

廃村少女 ~妖し惑ひの籠の郷~
Haison Shoujo ~Ayashi Madohi no Kago no Sato~
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Japanese (2)
2022-11-2218+Haison Shoujo ~Ayashi Madohi no Kago no Sato~ - Trial Edition
2022-12-2318+Haison Shoujo ~Ayashi Madohi no Kago no Sato~


Full character list

Character summary

Yakumo ItsukiProtagonist
Emma A. YakushiinMain character
Voiced by Kanematsu Yuka
Kagami ShuriMain character
Voiced by Fuurin Misuzu
KagomeMain character
Voiced by Misonoo Mei
Yakumo AzusaMain character
Voiced by Otokura Yui
Furube YuraraSide character
Karasuno TsubameSide character
Voiced by Akatsuki Yumu
Osakabe ReiSide character
Voiced by Hano Natsuka
Yuzuriwa ManakaSide character

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