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Last Human

Last Human
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
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Bound for the Starship Aurora in orbit around your dying world, you meet two Nekos who accidentally travel through an experimental wormhole to join you.

The earth has become a desolate and brutally cold place. All of the human race has died off. But you were saved because of your father, a scientist and inventor who designed the base you live in and helped you on the path to getting off the planet and aboard the waiting starship Aurora. Beyond that, the universe holds many adventures, dangers, and new worlds to discover. Your first mission... Getting these Nekos back to Pantheria. But on arrival, you find yourself being forced to fight another very familiar and very powerful Neko.



English (1)
2022-08-3118+The Last Human - Episode 1
Russian (1)
2022-09-2718+Poslednij Chelovek v.0.3 (unofficial)

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Character summary

Mike TrentProtagonist
AlainaMain character
AlexisMain character
AuroraMain character
DezzireMain character
KalinaMain character
NatalieMain character
TessaSide character
ZeenaSide character

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The Last Human - Episode 1

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