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Elle:PrieR ~Shiawase no Kakera o Sagashite~

Elle:PrieR ~しあわせの欠片をさがして~

Elle:PrieR ~Shiawase no Kakera o Sagashite~Safe / Tame (14)
Elle:PrieR ~しあわせの欠片をさがして~
Elle:PrieR ~Shiawase no Kakera o Sagashite~
AliasesElle:PrieR -Searching for the Fragments of Happiness- (English Translation)
Play timeUnknown
LinksWikipedia (ja), Wikidata
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Ryou lives in futuristic city of Oozora-shi and his normal life changes with the arrival of a girl named Konomi. She is an android created by his father who doesn’t have any memories. In order to regain her memories, she attends school and he brings her to many places, talks with her a lot and even does ecchi things occasionally. Who is Konomi and why does Ryou want her to regain her memories?

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]