Edit history of Chaos;Head

v382.1122020-01-20 at 09:45multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v2016.87
v382.1112020-01-19 at 07:23multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v2016.86
v382.1102019-08-31 at 22:28enternameChaos;Headstaff
v382.1092019-08-31 at 20:29enternameChaos;HeadStaff
v382.1082018-12-12 at 08:00eacilChaos;HeadReverted to revision v382.106 this relation is useless because Chaos;Child is already linked for that to Chaos;Head Noah and therefore it is
v382.1072018-12-12 at 06:02jansonsethChaos;HeadAdded Chaos;Child as a same setting vn.
v382.1062018-02-07 at 19:37shinnewChaos;HeadChanged relations, removed Noah staff.
v382.1052018-02-07 at 19:30multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v22505.5
v382.1042018-02-03 at 19:38shinnewChaos;HeadReverted to revision v382.100
v382.1032018-02-03 at 19:35multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v22505.4
v382.1022018-02-03 at 19:32nvortexChaos;Headfixed relations so the new version takes precedence, the new version retcons the original.
v382.1012018-02-03 at 19:31multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v22505.2
v382.1002018-01-07 at 04:03delusionparadoxChaos;HeadMore aliases
v382.992017-10-04 at 01:53canicheslayerChaos;HeadAdd Norose's seiyuu.
v382.982017-09-02 at 06:22chipp12Chaos;Head...
v382.972017-09-01 at 04:59chipp12Chaos;HeadIt's written as Character Design/Supervision, so it's more like Character Supervision. No point in having that role there since he's a main character
v382.962017-08-30 at 18:02varioChaos;Head+2
v382.952017-07-22 at 13:14multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v2016.63
v382.942017-07-21 at 20:18multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v21281.14
v382.932017-07-21 at 20:13multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v21281.13
v382.922017-07-21 at 19:56nvortexChaos;HeadThe characters that appears in R;N aren't "minor" (although I agree that there are no confirmed characters confirmed for DaSH)
v382.912017-07-21 at 07:05varioChaos;HeadThere are no C;H characters confirmed for R;N DaSH as far as I know and there are no C;H characters in R;N too (minor references doesn't count).
v382.902017-07-20 at 22:19multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v21281.8
v382.892017-07-20 at 22:15nvortexChaos;HeadAdded relations.
v382.882017-07-20 at 21:57nvortexChaos;HeadAdded relations.
v382.872017-07-20 at 21:53nvortexChaos;HeadFixed relations.
v382.862017-02-11 at 16:39chipp12Chaos;Headcredited as Game direction link link
v382.852017-02-10 at 15:43varioChaos;Headstaff (from Noah credits) Not sure what does "original concept art" mean, but Yukihiro is credited for genga.
v382.842017-01-21 at 10:10pdzlChaos;Headvocals
v382.832016-12-24 at 07:53chipp12Chaos;Headstaff roll
v382.822016-11-28 at 20:39nekonekogirlChaos;Headstaff
v382.812016-10-30 at 12:55varioChaos;Head+2
v382.802016-10-21 at 20:33traumatizerChaos;Headmusical staff
v382.792016-09-07 at 18:52jazz957Chaos;Headstaff
v382.782016-09-07 at 18:01traumatizerChaos;Headstaff
v382.772016-08-11 at 00:40girlplayerChaos;Headsongs
v382.762016-04-11 at 03:30chipp12Chaos;Head...
v382.752016-04-10 at 22:13varioChaos;Headdirector
v382.742015-12-16 at 17:36multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v2016.45
v382.732015-11-30 at 23:59venomg3Chaos;Headd2#5 adjustments for this series *note i tried to right down changes before hand to not make a mistake but its possible i still did as the graph
v382.722015-10-03 at 17:27traumatizerChaos;Headdead link
v382.712015-06-27 at 20:18varioChaos;HeadSince there is an entry for Isoe Toshimichi now
v382.702015-06-27 at 18:50jazz957Chaos;HeadComposers
v382.692015-04-08 at 14:20varioChaos;HeadAdded Chiyomaru
v382.682015-03-28 at 21:18multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v17102.6
v382.672015-03-28 at 17:26multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v17101.5
v382.662015-03-28 at 16:17multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v17100.4
v382.652015-03-28 at 15:12multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v17101.1
v382.642015-03-28 at 15:06multiChaos;HeadReverse relation update caused by revision v17100.1
v382.632015-03-21 at 21:01traumatizerChaos;Headsongs