Kansen 4 ~The Day After~

姦染4 ~The Day After~

TitleKansen 4 ~The Day After~
Original title姦染4 ~The Day After~
AliasesInfection 4 ~The Day After~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Space Project Co., Ltd. & Lune & Speed
Kansen 3 ~Shuto Houkai~
Kansen 5 ~The Daybreak~
Same setting
Kansen 2 ~Inzai Toshi~
Kansen ~In'yoku no Rensa~


Most events in Kansen 4 take place "The Day After" the endings of Kansen 1 and 2, during the reclamation of the contaminated areas by the Japan Self-Defence Forces.

Daisuke Sendou just enjoys his school life with his classmates. One day, they go camping just before summer holiday (therefore escaping the initial outbreak of the Unknown virus epidemic), but... A cruel result is awaiting them there...

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