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Ryuujuugo - Futanari Otohime ni Okasarete...

竜宮城 ふたなり乙姫に犯されて…

竜宮城 ふたなり乙姫に犯されて…
Ryuujuugo - Futanari Otohime ni Okasarete...
AliasesPalace of the Dragon King - The Violated Futanari Princess
Play timeUnknown
PublishersGHOST SHIP
Shops» JP¥ 715 @ DLsite


Young Yuki was normal in every way but her enormous breasts. She awoke in an utterly unknown place. This was the Ryugujo. So said a person she met. Understanding the strangeness of her situation, Yuki's instincts kicked in. She was determined to escape......

Evade sex-starved people and escape the cursed Palace of the Dragon King!

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2013-08-2118+Ryuujuugo - Futanari Otohime ni Okasarete...


        Full character list

        Character summary

        ??Main character
        Voiced by Touno Sakura
        MegumiMain character
        Voiced by Suzuki Ryou
        MidoriMain character
        Voiced by Shiina Amane
        OtohimeMain character
        Voiced by Mimi
        YukiMain character
        Voiced by Ayase Yuri
        Old ManSide character
        Voiced by Chiaki Yuuma

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