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The Mayfield Plague

The Mayfield PlagueSafe / Tame (14)
The Mayfield Plague
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Death was slow, feeding into the body until nothing was left. Those who showed no sign were suddenly seized with fevers. They coughed and shivered, screaming in the darkness like banshees. It was terrible to watch as they died soon after, succumbing to the pandemic was terrible. When it spread all over the town, no one stood a chance. No one. Not Mother or Father or Daughter or Son. Not a dog or cat or rooster or cattle. Nothing.

It was the year 1790 in the large, bustling city of Mayfield when the epidemic struck. First, the sailors who docked their ships carried it into the markets where food was bought. Then, the shop owners shook hands with everyone for a good deal. It was only a matter of time before people learned of the terrible disease.

The Whispering Paranoia, also known as the Grave Eyes.

When the Whispering Paranoia enters Mayfield through the port, no one knows what to make of it until one by one people begin dropping dead. With no idea how it spreads and why it makes its victim grow maniacal and paranoid, the city starts crumbling. The religious cry that it is the end, the rich pack up their bags and leave and the poor are left with no defence. Doctors are left scrambling to each house only to tell those who are afflicted they are doomed.

Twenty-one Magdalena Yates is a polished young woman who plans on becoming a teacher in New York. Unfortunately, as the epidemic strikes Poxfield, she is forced to stay inside with her family and take care of Nonie. Her life soon becomes a living nightmare as the disease steals those she cherishes and transforms them into screaming banshees in their beds. But Magdalena doesn’t have much time to mourn, because she is the only one who can take care of her little sister. With the death count rising and no cure in sight, Magdalena’s struggle to teach the masses is soon shattered by her mission to stay alive.